Crazy about Hockey

Are you a die-hard hockey fan? Does the history of the NHL intrigue you? Then you are at the right website.

The History of the NHL

To set you off, we cover some of the historical origins of the National Hockey League (NHL). If you are a true hockey fan, then you know the term ‘The original six’. If you do not know then read this section to find out more. You can also find out how the first season of the NHL was like in this same section.

Facts About the Original Six teams of the NHL

Do you want to learn more about the ‘original six’? This section has all the answers that you seek.

Foes turned friends-the merger of IHA and NHL

The NHL emerged out of a dispute between some officials in the IHA. However, time heals everything. Some years later, the two bodies merged and put aside their differences. To find out more read this section.

Popular NHL Teams

A great hockey fan is known by the team that he or she supports. Do you want to find out the history of the most popular hockey teams? Then, head over to this section. It covers the most popular hockey teams from either America or the home of hockey—Canada.

Canadian teams and the Stanley cup

Canada is the home of hockey, and one of the oldest tournaments—the Stanley cup—began in Canada. Some teams have won the cup multiple times and even for consecutive years. Others re yet to win. If you want to find out more, then head on to this section.