Facts on the Most popular Canadian NHL Teams

Canada has produced several hockey teams since the beginning of the National Hockey League. Most of them have set great winning records, with several proving to be of great value to the league. Here are some fun facts about the most popular Canadian NHL teams.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The moment you hear the statement ‘hockey in Canada’ you can be sure that the name Maple Leafs is following closely. The last time this team won a Stanley cup was back in 1967, but this has not stopped the team from producing several Hall of Fame hockey players in recent years. Their games attract close to 19000 fans.

Montreal Canadiens

Another great Canadian NHL team is the Montreal Canadien. The team has taken home 24 Stanley cups, which is quite an admirable feat. It is among the original six and has maintained its popularity over several decades. It also has a record of 23 division championships and eight conference ones.

Edmonton Oilers

Since its introduction to the league, this team has drawn over 18,000 fans to its games. The team is known to have a significant number of home supporters and has produced several big names in the NHL hall of fame. They are currently dominating the Pacific Division games.

Vancouver Canucks

This team is quite popular for its zeal, although it is yet to win a Stanley cup. However, its supporters still stick with the team. Its most famous players have been Ryan Kesler and Sedin Twins.

Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames is one of those teams that never misses to pack its games to capacity. It has a fan base of about 19,000 fans. It has won only one Stanley cup game so far in 1989. Its performance is still something to watch out for as the team keeps getting better.

Canada is known as the heart of the hockey game, thus popular teams must be outstanding to make it to the top.