Amazing Facts on the History of the NHL

You can never brag of being a great hockey fan if you are not aware of the juicy history behind the NHL. Maybe you have a few ideas of how the entire league came along or a few historical stars such as Toe Blake. However, to secure a seat among the die-hards, it will be beneficial for you to get deeper into the details.

The Original 6

The original 6 is a term that will get any hockey enthusiast excited until you ask them to break down the facts. The list comprises of Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, and Chicago Blackhawks—all three of 1926, plus Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins of 1924 and Montreal Canadiens of 1906.

As you can tell from their years, their popularity is not as a result of them being exactly original teams. What makes them unique is them remaining in the league after the 1942 season. Later, another set of six teams were added to the league. However, to separate the first teams and the new ones, the first six teams, were named the original six.

The NHL Genesis

Most people know that the league was started in November 1917, but have no idea why. Initially, the founding members of the NHL were members of the National Hockey Association. After a major dispute arose among the NHA’s board members, most of them voted themselves out of that league and formed a new one without NHA’s founder, Eddie Livingstone.

The League’s First Season

After starting the NHL, the league had a total of four teams, which later reduced to three. After a few arena issues were resolved, the teams came back to four until 1924 when Montreal Maroons and Boston Bruins joined the league. The six made the famous original 6.

These are only but a few facts about the history of the NHL that makes hockey interesting.