Facts on the Most Popular American NHL Teams

It is not enough to know the best hockey teams in America that participate in the NFL. If you are a keen fan, you will be interested in details concerning the teams and their players. Here are some facts about the most famous American NHL teams.

New York Rangers

The first thing that makes this team stand out is the fact that it is among the original six teams of the NHL. The team has won four Stanley trophies and is among the most valuable teams in the NHL. Though the team has not won the Stanley trophy in close to two decades, it still has loyal fans.

Boston Bruins

In 2010, Boston Bruins were ranked among the top five valuable teams at over 300 million dollars. The team has been ranked among the top ten teams in the NHL for years, and fans are still behind it, in and out of a winning season.

Detroit Red Wings

Among American teams, the Red Wings have recorded an excellent performance, making them one of the best hockey teams in the country. It has the highest number of Stanley cups-eleven to be exact.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Despite its rough start, mainly because of financial limitations, the team has proven to be among the top teams loved by hockey fans in America. After the entrance of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, the team experienced a profitable turn of events. It has since increased in value and popularity.

Washington Capitals.

Trained and founded in the Capital of the United States, this club has more to offer than just its name. They have a good set of winning record with their recent win being the 2018 championships.

It takes a lot of effort to make it to NHL’s top five popular American teams. These teams show great potential and have made players join the hall of fame list of players.