Strongest Canadian Teams and Their Contribution to the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the most popular and the oldest in the hockey world. The cup was donated by Lord Stanley, Sir Fredrick Arthur, of Preston and his son in 1892. It was in possession of the NHA from 1910 to 1926 when the NHL took over the national leagues. By this time, the NHL had penetrated the US, meaning teams in the US could also participate in the Stanley Cup games.

Though teams from the US and Canada participate in this major annual game, the original teams that founded the game are from Canada, making the country the highest contributor to the cup’s games.

Top Stanley Cup Teams

The team with the highest number of Stanley cup wins is Montreal Canadiens, with a total of 24 wins. Montreal Canadiens has been a productive team since the time of its formation until now.

Its value is among the highest on the NHL’s value chat and has some of the most popular team players. It has also contributed to several key figures on the NHL’s hall of fame. With such success records, it is no doubt that the team may still have the hope of winning another Stanley cup tournament.

The second team to have the highest number of Stanley cup wins in Canada is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Just like its counterpart, this team is among the original six and has always participated in the Stanley cup games since it joined the NHL. It has won several champion games as well.


The Stanley cup 2020 is already on, and several commentators have their eyes on Pittsburg Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs and Vegas Golden Nights. The competition is quite stiff with new teams also showing great potential. Maybe this time, the cup will go with an entirely new team, but for now, all one can do is make sure that you are following up on the teams’ performances before placing any bets.