NHL plans to check COVID-19 players daily if the game continues (Part 1)

Nick Foligno follows Ohio Government Mike DeWineine to summarize the coronavirus and appreciate the value of the information. That’s part of the reason Captain Columbus helps NHL players undergo daily testing if the season continues.

Testing is a must. It is the only way to feel confident every time you step on the ice. Everyone is on the same boat as you. You can play games with good ability. best of all, it’s Fol Folo saying.

The first major professional sports tournament in North America that announces the format for its potential return to competition also has a comprehensive COVID-19 testing strategy. There are on-site screening procedures for voluntary training and a training camp in the hands of individual teams. Deputy commissioner Bill Daly also said that NHL plans to test all players every day when the games begin.

Software We will have a rigorous daily testing protocol where players are tested every night. Those results are obtained before they leave the hotel room the next morning.

So we’ll know whether we have a positive test or not. Then, isolate yourself as a result of that positive test, Mr. D Daly said. It’s difficult to store, but we think it is really a fundamental element of what we are trying to accomplish.

Each test costs about $ 125, the tournament said, and Commissioner Gary Bettman estimated it would take 25,000 to 35,000 to pass the playoffs – a price tag, he admits, about millions of dollars. But athletes have a lot of concerns about risking their health to get back to work, and regular checks are what players insist.

You need to test on a level that is sufficient to be confident that you will top anything that may happen. If that turns out to be daily, and that is available, that’s OK. Will be fine. If it discovers that, that’s not quite what we need and we can get with a little less, that’s OK.