The complete history of NHL hockey tournaments (Part 1)

The NHL is the most popular organization that players from around the world are trying to get involved with. NHL clubs have their own logos, traditions and histories.

Some of the people of the last century who are part of this tournament have become legends. Instead, they have new candidates to join this hockey tournament.

Start of the story

The history of the most prestigious solidarity hockey clubs from the United States and Canada dates back to 1917. After the National Hockey Association had a dispute and disagreement over a number of key issues, it has been replaced by NHL. NHL hockey clubs participated in the first season of 1917/1918 with only 4 cities. They are Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Ottawa.

The owner of the team from Toronto, due to reorganization needs arose, until finally did not believe that the organizers had decided to remove him and the Blueshirts group from the association. After lengthy negotiations, Edward Livingstone still agreed not to ban the team from hockey. However, he promised to sell the club within 5 days.

Following was the resignation of NHA President Charles Robinson and the association ceased to exist. The owner of the first Stanley Cup was the same team from Toronto. owever, changed the name and gave it to the local stadium care. Later Livingston did not lose hope to regain the club and filed a lawsuit against the hockey tournament, winning unsuccessfully.

Difficult early years

In the first decade of existence, the league simply fought for its existence in this business. Despite this precarious position of the new organization, the teams participating in the national tournament, have won the Stanley Cup 7 times in 9 years. After that, the players were able to raise their salary to a level that the Pacific Coast Hockey Association could not even dream of. NHL clubs, since 1925, have only grown and by 1930 there were 10 of them.