The complete history of NHL hockey tournaments (Part 2)

Indeed, World War II had its own adjustments for the organization of the Stanley Cup, then only 6 teams remained at NHL. And the Great Depression forced some owners to simply disband their clubs.

Expand the tournament abroad

Since the mid-1960s, more and more new teams from the lower divisions have started to participate in the National Hockey League, where being able to compete fully with clubs from the beginning is part of NHL. Another hockey association, VHA, appeared in those years, could compete with NHL, and so it was decided to expand the tournament further.

NHL clubs were in better financial condition, and by the end of the 70s, HAA was no longer in existence, losing more than half of its teams.

The final NHL component was formed entirely in 2001, including 30 teams from Canada and the United States.

NHL beginner

Due to the fact that in recent years, the popularity of hockey has decreased and baseball and basketball have taken first place, NHL management decided to admit some new people to their ranks.

Of the teams that have applied in the NHL, so far only one club has been decided. In the 2017/2018 season, a team from Las Vegas will participate in the National Hockey League. An application from Quebec has been postponed so far, and a decision about this club will likely be made by the end of 2017.

NHL clubs every year are becoming more and more attractive to hockey players from other countries, because the NHL player’s salary is many times higher than other tournaments.

NHL club: a list of the most titles

Among the NHL clubs that represent Canadian cities, Montreal Canadiens has the most titles, with 24 Stanley Cups in their entire history. Among the teams playing in the US, the nearest pursuer of the Montreal club nearly doubled. On the Detroit Detroit Red Wings 11 11 Stanley Cup football account.